Synthetic grass is an increasingly popular option to replace natural grass. It is a green option that doesn't need regular maintenance and can last all year long.

For pets, artificial grass is safe due to it being an extremely safe material and more comfortable on the paws than conventional artificial grass.

Artificial grass is 100% pet friendly and free of mud meaning no dirty pups, dirty paws around the home, and making your lawn the size of a water bath. Additionally, artificial turf isn't affected by waste and urine and therefore there are no spots of dead grass, discoloration, and yellow spots that damage your lawn.

Additionally, artificial grass is so durable as well as durable, it will not be damaged, dug up, or worn out by dogs. Your pet can enjoy the grass regardless of the weather, and your lawn will be perfect all through the year.

Soft on the paws and soft on their fur, dogs enjoy being active, running, playing around, and laying on artificial turf exactly like real grass, which means there's no difference between a beautiful garden and a happy dog.

Artificial turf is great for pets since it's non-toxic and doesn't require harmful chemical compounds like pesticides and fertilizers to keep it green, which makes it more pet-friendly than grass.

Synthetic grass has been developed and tested specifically for dogs to give you absolute peace of mind knowing your garden is a safe and comfortable space for the best friend of all mankind.