There are lots of free eBooks available on digital marketing, and many have been purchased by digital marketers. So how can you tell the good ones from the bad? Here are a few things to look for:

– Does it contain useful information? – Is it well-written? – Is the author a professional or just someone who got into online marketing and decided to write about it? – Does the content come from an affiliate program?

EBooks that contain marketing strategy tips that have been duplicated can also be worthless. Look for those that have an original point and very creative ways to market online.

For example, an eBook titled "How to Market an Online Store" might mention ways to create an inventory system, which includes an entire section on putting buttons on your website to capture email addresses. But instead of mentioning this section with a link back to, you'd see this:

"From 748 unique visitors, over 975 sales were made." "The secret here is to write a sales copy as if you're a salesperson yourself." That sounds more like a scam than an eBook that tells a story. You would think someone who wrote this would know how to use marketing copy in any way possible.

Another eBook that I have read on a website and that contains an affiliate link in the "about" section included this paragraph in an extremely long and waffly paragraph: "If your site has an organic search result ranking that isn't high enough, consider implementing an advertising campaign." Again, this could be a piece of advice. But if this is a review of one of the most successful affiliate marketing programs, then this paragraph comes across as uninformed.

You can't trust the seo book if it doesn't show you the success stories. One of the best ways to find this information is through trial and error. If you don't have time to actually see the techniques for yourself, don't waste your time with a digital marketing book that doesn't give you the tools to become a successful marketer.

Some people think that marketing is about putting all your money in a savings account and watching the interest grow slowly over time. But no matter how much you earn from an affiliate program, you will eventually get out of it.

You need to focus on building a business that makes you money because a marketing book that tells you to sell one offline product will not make you very much money. If you want to start a new business you have to know how to market online.

Your goal is to learn how to market online like a pro. And if you are in business for yourself and you want to generate more income, then you should really give some thought to the way you market.

Before you run out and buy a marketing book, consider the kind of material you want. Do you want a marketing book that gives you marketing tips or do you want something that shows you the secrets of being a successful online marketer? If you think a marketing book won't help your business, try it first before you purchase it.

Most importantly, before you spend your money on a marketing book, check out the company or program who's offering it. You will be glad you did.