Aesthetic Dentistry is a dental procedure that enhances the appearance of one's teeth, gums, or bites. It focuses on improving the appearance of dental aesthetics, such as shape, size and color, alignment, the appearance of smiles, and their position.

This growth is a result of the growing research effort and the preferences of patients. Patients want to appear gorgeous, which is why, in addition to aesthetic dentistry, which has also been on the rising trend.

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Different types of Aesthetic Dentistry


They are a type of device made of metal and that is placed directly in the teeth to aid a person to align their teeth correctly (straightening).


Implants are the placing of a titanium-based device to replace teeth that are missing. It's a procedure that involves surgery in which titanium is inserted inside the jawbone. This is a permanent procedure.

Teeth Whitening

This is the most well-known method since it's bleaching that helps bleach teeth because of staining. The process can be carried out at home, with the help of a dentist's guidance.


Also known as caps. They protect the tooth and restore its original shape and appearance. It's not the most pocket-friendly procedure and should only be used in the most extreme circumstances. They have the highest lifespan.

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