Dispute Resolution Systems (DRS), a general term describing methods of resolving disputes outside the court, such as mediation or arbitration. 

The DRS program is becoming increasingly important as both parties and the courts try to find a DRS program that removes them from the traditional legal system and resolves their disputes quickly and economically. For more information about ADR services, you can visit this website.

There are main types of dispute resolution procedures:

1. Negotiation – This refers to direct negotiations between the conflicting parties. They try to resolve their disputes without involving anyone else. This form of DRS is used by many real estate agents without their knowledge. 

Dissatisfied buyers can call after inspection and find that the seller broke the mailbox while exporting. To address this situation, a real estate agent may offer to purchase a new mailbox. This is achieved through the DRS negotiation method.

2. Mediation – a neutral third party assists the disputing parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement through mediation. Mediators cannot make decisions, but they can help dispute parties reach an agreement. They clarify issues and use persuasion or other conflict resolution techniques to help them. Surveys show that 80% of disputes are resolved.

3. Arbitration – Arbitration is probably the most popular method for DRS. The arbitration agreement allows the parties to refer future or existing disputes to an impartial third party, the arbitrator. This determines how the dispute ends. 

The decision in the binding arbitration is the final settlement of the dispute. In non-binding arbitration, the parties may choose whether to resolve the dispute with the arbitrator or continue the proceedings.