There are many options for men's button-up shirt collar designs, from tab and winged collars, to pin and unfold, and everything in between. You can be confidently dressed for any occasion by understanding the differences between branded shirt collars and how and where to wear them. You can also visit free247lifestyle to get more detail about men’s button-up shirts.

Mens Button Up Shirts

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1. Button up shirts without Pockets – Some men prefer a shirt pocket, while others do not. A shirt with a pocket was traditionally considered less formal than one without. This is because if a man didn't need to work or would have worn a jacket, he wouldn't have used his shirt pocket.

2. Button up shirts with 1 Pocket (Informal) -The opposite was true for someone who worked in physical labor. They used the pocket to store their items while operating. It's strange to have things or to attach a pen clip in a chest pocket. 

3. Button up shirts with 2 pockets (extremely informal) – The chest pocket on one side is very casual and usually reserved for casual shirts such as western, campaign, or military shirts. You can even search online for more information about men’s button-up shirts.