Nowadays it is very convenient to travel by bus. Although there are many budget-friendly airline buses or traveling, why are there so many who still prefer to take the bus?

There are so many reasons why people prefer Temsa coach buses: 

  • It is more comfortable to take the bus. There are many super VIP buses 27 seaters with huge seats between the front rows and your seats.  When taking an airplane, economy seats are normally small unless you are taking first-class seats. Many people use Temsa passenger luxury coach buses in Canada for traveling.

Coach Bus

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  • Bus tickets are cheaper than plane tickets. There is no airport tax, you do not need to pay any of this fee. Imagine taking a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur; It costs you only a hundred rupees.
  • The total travel time is almost comparable. You do not need to check in the first two hours before departure. And also, the journey time from the airport to your home is normally much longer than the local bus station in your home.
  • You can use your mobile phone on the bus, but not on the plane. You can always chat with your loved ones when you are traveling by bus. There are many buses to return to anywhere, it has been about an hour, traveling back from anywhere.