The Chevrolet Multi-Flex tailgate is a multifunctional tailgate given on the Chevrolet line of complete-size pickup trucks.

Multi-Flex minimizes effort and maximizes performance. You can also look for the best chevy multi-flex tailgate via

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It is flexible and functional. It combines the traditional functionality of a tailgate with five new positions:

1.Stop the load on the trunk for carrying long items

2.Better second level solution for loading and stopping loads

3.Permanent workplace

4.Easier access to items in the box

5.Step and exit modes, combined with assistive grips, offer step and seat functions

The Chevrolet Multi-Flex tailgate offers the following positions.

1. Basic access to the gate

The main gate is identical to the traditional tailgate. These can be unlocked with a key release switch on the keyring, in a vehicle, or via a button on the rear tailgate.

2. Stop the load at the main gate

The main gate load limiter prevents the elements from sliding out of the box. The main gate must be open.

3. Internal collapsible gate for easy access

The inner gate folds down for effortless access when loading and unloading boxes.

4. Full-width step

The inner gatefolds into one large rung for easy entry and exit. It has a maximum weight of 170 kg. The assistant handle extends to the driver’s side of the box, making it easier to access.