Car fans around the world are introduced to the name and meaning of BMW.Founded in 1916, the company grew up with new models and subsidiaries to not only have a mini car, but also became a parent company from one of the most prestigious car makers of all time and a leader in luxury: Rolls-Royce Cars. Not only likes to hit the automotive world, they also have two motorcycle brands known as BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna. You can also visit BMW Le Couter  to find the best BMW cars through the internet.

The company logo said a lot about his first call, with a blue and white part that showed the plane propeller moving across the sky. Founded by Franz Josef Pop, the BMW brand began producing aircraft engines and began producing various motorbikes in 1923 which led to car production in 1928-29. The engine for Luftwaffe is produced and the company is an important part of German military efforts.

BMW cars purchased and rented as we know today are usually sedans and coups. In 1962 they began producing new classes, starting with the 1500 model and continuing production in the 1970s. The two-door sporrier model they have found fans around the world, and draw 3 is an instant hit on the production vehicle market. At present, the series 7 is their main executive car, while the 6 series they are luxurious coupes and can be converted to fans of true sports cars. Their SUV offers the drivers of all wheels that are unique and belong to the class called the BMW sports activity vehicle. 

Overall, this is a car maker who has exhibited luxury and extraordinary results in the automotive market.