In the era of science and technology, biometric technology with its various applications is becoming more and more useful. Currently, there are only a few areas where biometric data is not being used. It is useful in shops, schools, offices, organizations, businesses, and libraries, no matter how small or big. Biometrics has a wide range of applications ranging from visitor management, access control systems, biometric door locks, fingerprint readers, and facial recognition systems.

The presence biometric time attendance system is one of the most powerful applications of biometric technology. It is widely used in schools, colleges, businesses, shopping malls, businesses and organizations.

Advantages of biometric systems for time accounting:

It has many advantages over traditional time tracking used in organizations. Usually, such organizations keep logs where people fill in their names, login times, waiting times and other necessary details, but the problem with this manual system is that it is inaccurate, time-consuming, unreliable and above all, lacks safe.

Very easy to use and easy to use; everyone can use it very easily. It's also very fast; Users have to look ahead to the system once and all details, including their time, are saved automatically. This saves a lot of time and still captures details with great precision. Early drilling, late drilling and friendly drilling are very easy to avoid.

Many schools use biometric attendance data to track the attendance of their students. The biggest advantage of biometric attendance over manual registration is better security. Many shops and malls use the biometric time for security purposes and it works very well.