Adjustable weight benches are extremely useful for any weight training program. They are ideal for use with barbells, dumbbells, and several other popular exercise and weight equipment. Using an adjustable weight bench with a cable pulley, bench press, incline bench, flat bench, leg press, lateral pull down machine, leg extension machine, vertical jump trainer, vertical jump stool, and power rack or rowing machine can take your overall exercise choices to the next level. However, sometimes weight training beginners may be overwhelmed by the wide variety of available exercise equipment and may lack the specific knowledge to select the right bench and machine for their individual needs and goals.

When selecting adjustable weight benches you must first decide which type and style best suits your needs. For example, if you are looking to lose body fat quickly you should find a set of leg extensions that will target your calves and thighs. If you are more concerned with improving your overall calf and thigh strength for multiple exercise routines you will likely do better with a flat bench press that emphasizes the hamstrings.

Some adjustable weight benches also feature an adjustable waist area that will adjust in three different positions: flat, half-moon, or upright. Other features to look for when purchasing adjustable weight benches include an adjustable hip belt that will allow you to customize your comfort level and fit for a better workout. Adjustable weight benches are also available with a selection of pre-programmed exercises for all muscle groups. Many adjustable weight benches also incorporate a weight-collection system that will display the amount of weight you have on your chest, legs, hips, and belly. The most popular collections are labeled "EZ" or "ifted" to help you keep a basic workout regiment.

When using adjustable weight benches to add variety to your workout, it is important to be careful of safety tips. Because of their height and unstable surface many workouts can be dangerous if you are not using the correct technique. For example, if your legs are spaced too far apart you can put yourself at a high risk of suffering a sprain. Because of the unstable surface of adjustable weight benches you may accidentally roll out of the bench if you attempt to do a single repetition while leaning your body weight on it. It is important to perform warm-up and cool down sessions with free weights or with specialty fitness equipment to prevent injury during your workout.

Other factors to consider when purchasing adjustable weight benches for your home gym include the aesthetics of the bench and the durability of the frame. If you plan to use the bench regularly you will want one that doesn't have overly complicated hardware, but a durable steel or aluminum frame will provide you with support no matter what you are doing. Many Olympic weight benches are covered in rubber or vinyl to provide added protection against accidental drops. Some of the most popular types of gym benches are the classic Olympic weight bench, which are made especially for the Olympic weight set, and classic adjustable weight benches that allow you to adjust the back and seat to different heights. In addition to purchasing a gym bench that meets your specific needs you will also need to purchase workout mats, racks, and other accessories to properly utilize the weight bench.

Another thing to consider is how much space you have available in your home for an Olympic weight bench. If you are working with a limited amount of space, you may need to look into the possibility of purchasing a portable adjustable weight bench. A portable bench may be easier to store away during the winter months and will give you access to an exercise bench anytime you need it. Before making your final purchase it is a good idea to do some research and find out which models will work best for your goals and workout needs.