The combination of style and practicality is of importance for each person who makes floor covering. You want your floors to be beautiful, but you also want them to stand under the strains of everyday use.

The stone is a floor option that can offer equal elegance and stamina for your home. Are you planning on laying the stone carpet yourself – is that possible? (which is also called ‘ Den Steinteppich Selbst verlegen – ist das mglich? ’ in German). However, It would be the best idea to get help from the professionals of renovation. 

Below you will find some strengths, as well as some things to keep in mind when selecting the stone for your living spaces.

Ah, make decisions

The selection of the stone can allow you many choices. The wide range of types, colors, and finishes will provide unlimited design potential for your imagination to play with. 

Granite with limestone and marble, each piece of stone contains shades that differ from the next one. The imperfections, the veining, and its origin take apart every single stone, which can be applied to the individual requirements you may have.

The kitchens and baths are often the first places where you think you can install stone, but it can be used in a number of areas around your home. 

Resistant to your requests

The stone is formed through centuries of aging, sustainable of extreme weather conditions on earth and in the sea. It is ready for the most difficult tests your home has to offer.

When other materials may crack or disparate in the unfavorable heat, the stone will hold its original appearance and meaning.

In addition, the stone is resistant to water and easy to clean, making its durability a feature that can be used in a number of places in your home. Similarly, the laying stone in the high traffic areas will remove replacement worry earlier than expected.