Commercial solar power systems make solar power available to everyone, which is very beneficial for all parties and of course the situation a 'win-win' if ever there was one. If you want to hire a contractor for top commercial solar systems, visit

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Here we will examine exactly what solar power and how it works.

What is Solar Power?

Solar power is energy derived from the sun. This means that it is a source of totally renewable energy that will not run out, and also one that is completely free to use (no one has the sun) and one that will not produce any undesirable by-products that can damage the environment (such as fossil fuels that produce CO2 is very dangerous).

Even fossil fuels are only made of carbon that has been broken and compacted over thousands of years and still containing biofuels from plants and animals that have ever made. And where this energy come from? Of course, it is derived from glucose made by photosynthesis – powered by the sun. 

How does it work?

There are two ways in which solar power can work. One is the 'Solar Voltaic' which is a form of solar power from the light itself. Here the light is used to 'excite' the particles are held at a solar panel to drive currents to form which is then 'transformed' into the correct format for use with household and other equipment. Another form is 'solar energy' where the heat from the sun is used to heat a small tube of water and then use it to heat other things such as swimming pools and spas.