Although we need a license for many things in life, parenting is not necessary and is sometimes the most difficult activity in our daily lives. Parenting is much more complicated today than it was a generation ago. Many well-meaning parents use ineffective and outdated parenting styles. As a result, they regularly face stress and dissatisfaction in their homes. You can also use a good pregnancy guide at

1. Taking care of yourself is important

To be a good parent, you need to take care of yourself to be a balanced and healthy person. There are many children living with parents who feel uncomfortable and are constantly under stress. If you are constantly stressed, this will not be a pleasant experience for you or your family.

2. Place your marriage above your children

Some children today are raised with a very bad sense of privilege because their parents made them the core of the world. With divorce statistics still hovering around 50%, children are also sometimes faced with failed and unhappy marriages and divorces – much worse for them than losing a branded clothing or toy.

3. Take care of your children

No matter what situation you're in—no matter how many times your kids really drive you crazy—know that there are plenty of people in the universe who would gladly switch places with you. So hug your child at least three times a day. Tell them regularly how lucky you are to have the opportunity to be their parent.