Oil seals, impulse seals, and fluid seals can be called different names, but they are designed to provide the same task. Maybe their most important job is to close the space between the moving and stationary parts in each type of mechanical equipment. 

Oil seals (Also Known as “ ซีลน้ำมัน “ in the Thai Language)  are very important for modern life to achieve high levels of efficiency and performance in various industries, such as automotive, agricultural, industry and manufacturing equipment, to provide products, vehicles, and services that we are all benefited from.

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Although it may seem that they are all the same, real design, configuration and materials used can make a big difference in several applications. 

There are several types of items designed to eliminate friction and torque, which allows seal moving along with bearings, along with other components of the machine and to provide protection against each contamination. 

Whatever they need, the industry has produced designs and concepts to provide performance that each and every application needs.Thus, the appropriate type of seal can certainly be obtained for certain mechanisms or functions.

Fluid seals can be made from various materials and compounds. Industrial seal types also come in various sizes. Varieties of metric grease seals and high temperatures are also available.