The term Digital Marketing came into being in the early 90s. With the coming of the internet and the development of the Web 1.0 platform, the 'digital age' actually started. Web 1.0 as the initial platform allowed users to search and find information on the web but did not allow them to share the information as we can do now. 

In the '90s, marketers worldwide were still unaware of the digital platform and did not possess the idea of its evolution. They did not have any clear strategy of how marketing over the internet would work since the internet was still at the primitive stage.

In 1993, the world saw the advent of clickable banners which paved the way for the banner ads that we now see on different websites. In this way, the transition to the digital era of marketing began. On the year 1994, many new technologies were rolled out and serious development of the digital marketplace began.

With the continuing development of the digital platform, companies began optimizing their websites to attain higher search engine rankings, and hence SEO or Search Engine Optimization was born. In 1996 several search engines like Looksmart, Alexa, and Hotbot came into existence.

In 1998 Google, the search engine giant came into existence and Yahoo brought web search to the market along with Microsoft's MSN search engine. However, within two years, the smaller search engines ceased to exist leaving only the big ones for the business.