Performance mufflers are designed to improve the performance and sound of your car. They are made from different materials, and they all have a specific purpose. Performance mufflers come in two types: direct-flow and indirect-flow. Direct-flow mufflers let the engine’s exhaust gases flow freely through them, while indirect-flow mufflers trap the exhaust gas and direct it towards the engine.

You can choose the performance muffler and exhaust system according to your vehicle preferences. For example, the exhaust system golf range, re-engineered for MK7.5.


Performance mufflers offer a number of benefits for car owners. Some of these benefits include improved fuel economy, lowered emissions, better performance, and decreased noise. Here are four reasons why you should consider getting a performance muffler for your car:

1. Improved fuel economy:

A performance muffler can improve fuel economy by reducing the sound and heat produced by the engine. This will reduce the amount of air that needs to be pulled in from the atmosphere, which in turn will increase fuel efficiency.

2. Lowered emissions:

A performance muffler can also reduce emissions by filtering out noise and harmful gases. This can help improve air quality and protect the environment.

3. Better performance:

A performance muffler can also improve performance by reducing drag on the engine. This can help increase horsepower and acceleration.

4. Decreased noise:

Last but not least, a performance muffler can decrease noise by absorbing vibrations and sound waves. This will reduce the amount of noise that is transmitted into the cabin of the car, making it more comfortable to drive in busy areas.