When it comes to festivals and fun, there’s no better place on earth for a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. Edinburgh is famous worldwide for residents welcoming and a long list of festivals, the city ranked among the world’s premier tourist destination.

Excited Edinburgh Festival offers attractions to suit the tastes of people from different age groups and from different parts of the world. Edinburgh Art Festival is one of the most awaited festivals for tourists and provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful collection of artwork from different art galleries and museums.

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History Arts Festival attracts tangled with the Edinburgh International Festival. Edinburgh International Festival which began in 1947 art exhibitions are also held in the early years but from 1966 onwards a number of organizations ranging art exhibitions outside the International Festival.

Arts Festival was started as an individual event in 2004 and is held every year in August during the Edinburgh International Festival. It is funded by the Scottish Arts Council and displays works of art by both local and international artists.

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In 2012, the Edinburgh Arts Festival scheduled to be held from August 2 until September 2 and the program consisted of as many as 45 major art exhibitions in different galleries, museums, and artist-run areas. This festival – a superb treat for the eyes – featuring a stunning display of artwork created by the winner of the prize, the old masters and new artists.

Program 2012 is ready for serving a variety of contemporary art while the ‘Timeline’ by Susan Philipsz and ‘In Fields’ by Andrew Miller is one of the creations of the most anticipated and awaited festival. Edinburgh, on the basis of a wonderful and at times mesmerizing landscape, provides the ideal backdrop for this festival and people who visit the Art Festival, to experience the feeling that the festival and the city itself are bound together by some invisible force but very strong,

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