Becoming A Professional: How To Fund, Network And Publicise As An Artist

This is a workshop teaching you key tools to be able to make a living off your art and becoming a creative professional. This is for artists and creatives who know what they make and how to make it, but want to know how to "make it" as a professional artist. This is about the small steps that make it possible to take the leap into full or part-time work in their chosen art. We look at key skills, tools and knowledge for becoming a professional - from how to access (traditional and non-traditional) funding, to networking, to effectively using social media, to negotiating pay, building a fan base for your art and managing your time and commitments.

Workshop leader Agnes Török is a multi-award-winning spoken word poet and soon-to-be published author. Having spent years building up to take the leap into making her art full time, she has learnt a lot and has a lot to teach about pitfalls and success stories in making your art into your work.

May 28 2016, 2-4pm, Evergreen Studio