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scottish storytelling centre

CONTEMPORARY MYTHOLOGIES // Narratives of Fantasy and Loss

OPENING FRIDAY 10th Feb 7-9pm

Performance of 'Fall Hall' by Josef Stitts, 7pm
(beginning at Trinity Apse Courtyard)

Short Stories read by Fionnuala Mottishaw at 8pm

Beth Carey, Fionnuala Mottishaw, Massimo Stenta, Josef Stitts, Maren Thingnas

Exhibition runs Sat 11 Feb – Sun 5 Mar
MON - SAT: 10:00 - 18:00, SUN: 12:00 - 18:00

The magical and narrative driven nature of this venue has led us to showcase work that engages with contemporary reinterpretations of classical mythology. The selected artists respond to the traditional coming of age narrative situated, at times, within the conflicted period of adolescence. Inflected by the subjective nature of personal storytelling, this theme comes to be interpreted in many ways, marked simultaneously by whimsical fantasy and somber reflections upon the status of monumental mythology reached by those we love. Occupying the venue in a manner that is both both gleeful and meditative, the exhibition encourages the viewer to embark upon a journey of discovery throughout the space, the desires of its artists are projected while the viewer’s exploration of their own personal mythology is catalysed.    

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trinity apse

CHALLENGE // Dispute the Truth or Validity of: It is Possible to Challenge the Report's Assumptions

OPENING FRIDAY 10th Feb 6-8pm

Performance by Anthi Kyriacou at 6.30pm

Stefanie Blum, Elaine Cheng, Niall Stevenson, Michael Kay Terence

Exhibition runs Sat 11 Feb – Sunday 5 Mar
10:00-17:00 (Daily)

Trinity Apse will feature work from several artists looking at creating interventions within the space, and responded to what we as a viewer would perceive a typical response to be. Viewed outside of ‘safe spaces’, or removed from their original context, the viewer is invited to create their own playful response to the work. The exhibition aims to create a surreal experience, and leave all those who view it with a sense of wonder, and lead to further questions. Work takes on less traditional forms, some with no visual signifiers, allowing us to create our own ideas, and create personal attachments to the work.


dok artist space & custom lane

THE NEW LABORATORY // Interpreting Cross-Disciplinary Practices


DOK 6-8pm

Custom Lane 7-9pm

Melpomene Gageneli, Nicol Guerra, Helen Jarosz, Cassandra Langenskiöld, Patricia McCormack, Clara Rider

Camille Biddell, Naomi Buchan, Andrea Campomanes, Anna Červinková, Chris Coatham, Andreas Dimofanous, Megan Falconer, Sorour Fattahi, Joanna Kaminska, Kate Livingstone, Jessica Malone, Chloe McCallum, Paul Meikle, Melisa Mincova, Jody Mulvey, Anna Oberfeld, India Pearce, Chiara von Puttkamer, Wael Seaiby & Neslihan Tepehan, Jihoon Son, Syreen, Alex Weir, Joanna Wickham

Exhibition runs Thurs 23rd – Sunday 26th Feb
10:00 - 17:00

DOK Artist Space and Custom Lane offer venues dedicated to the action of experimenting and the process of creation. The artists explore with their practice themes traditionally held in other disciplines, such as Design or Science.  The exhibition responds to the architecture of the sites and the proposed theme, presenting varied work across three micro-exhibitions. These will consist of the Design Room, the Lab Room, both at Custom Lane; and the Test Room, at DOK Artist Space. Works exhibited in the Design Room will showcase provocative new designers who intertwine their design reflection and visual arts practice, sitting uneasily within the confines of the craft tradition. Artists exhibiting in the Lab Room explore in depth the theme of The New Laboratory broadly and in a variety of media, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary practices that blur the lines between artistic research and science. The Test Room will showcase works that are concerned with the exploration of the mind and the self, states of consciousness and unconsciousness with a particular leaning towards those working in New Media.


biscuit factory

PLATFORM // Contemporary Voices


Performances by Zsófia Forrás throughout the evening and by Matthew Poland accompanied by Niall Stevenson 7.30pm performance of ‘The Crooners’, Electronic DJ Set by Ross Devlin at 8pm

Giles Calder, Joe Cheetham, Kathryn Cutler-MacKenzie, Ross Devlin, Holly Dickinson, Zsófia Forrás, Interrobang?!, Perrine Javari, Molly Kent, Rosie Lawson, Sean Mallon, Kirsty Mann, Charlotte Maxwell, Semhar McKnight, Maeve Mcpherson & Jane Mewis-McKerrow, Isotta Page, Matthew Poland, Alexia Psaradeli, Maxime Ragni, Laura Rodger, Oana Roman, Ejatu Shaw, Softbox Collective, Anna Vesaluoma

Exhibitions runs Thurs 16th - Tues 21st of Feb
10:00 - 17:00

This exhibition foregrounds contemporary issues, offering a space for controversial and contentious ideas to be explored. It is a platform for those unheard to gain a voice through visual art and bring to the light questions that shape our contemporary society. The exhibition will showcase a variety of artworks, in an attempt to explore diverse current issues such as the migrant crisis in Europe, the complexity of cultural identity, environmental concerns or mental health taboos.


city art centre

GENIUS LOCI // The Texture of Longing

Suzanne Anthony, Emilia Beale, Felicity Bristow, Lia Chairin, Shauna Emig, Rebecca Heselton,  Fabianne Jones, Adele Juraža, Tracey Largue, Alice Lazarus, Rachel Lee, Siobhan McLaughlin, Wendi Men, Kieran Mitchell, Julia Oborne, Joseph O’Rourke,  Sophia Pauley, Helga Pavelkova, Ewan Robb,  Clare Robertson, Alexandra Roddan, Innes Ross, Phoebe Ryrko,  Aidan Stephen, Evelyn Wong, Juanita Zaldua

OPENING FRIDAY 24th Feb 7-9pm

Exhibition runs Sat 25th – Sun 6th March
Wed - Sat: 10:00 - 17:00, Sun: 12:00 - 17:00

The exhibition at the City Art Centre is propelled by the artistic mediation of urban and residential environments. A range of mediums transform the city, drawing out the significance of overlooked objects and locations through the psychological experience of both artist and inhabitant. In constructing an unlikely vision of the city, existing paradigms are deconstructed, allowing for the growth of ambiguous narratives which confuse and reconfigure the genius loci of once-familiar terrains. Painting, drawing & illustration, mixed media work, light-based installation, sculpture and site-specific responses approach nostalgic spaces with a desire to be lost and found again, instilling new and sacred significance in locations through the act of creation itself.