Naomi Buchan

Branching out from her disciplines such as painting and sculpture she ventures into digital media and text based art, combined with the use of photography and poetry. Naomi Buchan has developed a unique style where her perception of emotions are represented in both audio and visual format.

Shuana emig

Felicity's site-specific work is an exploration of line, narrative, material and the pervading spirit of place or ‘genius loci’. She is fascinated with words, with making, researching and exploring the physical structure of books with people and buildings. Immersing herself in site related research and responding to a location is how she generates and develops her work relating to specific locations and communities. In recent work she has been exploring the complexities of the ‘analogue book’ in abstract in site-specific locations in Scotland. She has been developing the themes of ‘transformation’ and ‘abstraction’ of the book on a large scale with a restricted palette of materials; ink and saline, paper, cloth and linen thread or rope.

Adele Juraža

Adele's work is inspired by everyday life, people's reactions and her own thoughts and emotions. She pays a lot of attention to detail and uses bold colours. Most of her work can be translated using symbolism. Every element in her artwork represents something and sends a message to the viewer.  

Яachel Lee is an Intermedia Art student currently studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Through inward reflection regarding her conflicting views with personal, cultural, sexual, and religious identity, Яachel Lee is able to touch onto the multi faceted nature of the human fabric.

Rachel Lee

Kirsty Mann is fascinated by the process of creating spaces with character, atmosphere and personalities of their own from pieces of paper. She enjoyed exploring the topic further by combining white paper with other 2D materials to create something completely new.

Kirsty mann

Chloë is really drawn to the concept of developing digital technology such as mass surveillance and the concept of virtual reality in the contemporary world. She find herself interested however in making physical objects, and became fascinated in how craft becomes relevant in today's digital world whilst also discussing how stimulated realities affect how we view certain objects.

Chloë McCallum

Callum Russell's work is concerned with the nuances and hidden meanings of language. By examining and reassessing the status of words through a process of creative play he hopes to reveal new ways of looking at words and thinking about the language we use.

Callum russell

Jihoon's work relates to the idea of memory and fantasy through the expression of unrequited love, daydreams, fears and unattended thoughts. They include his interpretation of fetishism that he has personally experienced and have longed for. The creative practice is therapeutic in helping his mind take a rest. Through this process he can ask himself what is in his mind.

jihoon son

Wendi Men's practice is an exploration of the freedom of paint. By pouring liquid on painted surface and allow the paints to strip away, to create an ambiguous and abstract narrative. By repeating this “washing away” process, the painting itself contains its own memory and then creates distance between the artwork and audience.

Samantha Alexa Son-Dokidis

Kieran Mitchell has been researching the image making of Gothic horror cinematography, exploring ideas of the uncanny in order to excite feelings of mystery and unease. Physicality plays a key role in his practice: Painting with mixed media and oil on board, as well as incorporating found objects.

Aidan stephen


Research as practice and personal experience are at the core of Clare Robertson's work. Existing between theory and visual practice, I integrate autobiography with social criticism, identifying keenly with the concept of fictocriticism. My work is diaristic and adopts a flow of consciousness as technique — I explore the self, identity, emotion and aspects of the artificial reality in which we live. The work takes form through preformance, audio, text and giff like videos.

Clare Robertson

Jaleesa Wells is a current doctoral researcher from the USA living in Scotland. She is a creative practitioner. Her current research project is an explorative qualitative study looking at an intersection between creative entrepreneurship and social enterprise. Jaleesa learned to stay curious at a young age, so when given access to "new" materials, she just like to play and see what she can make! Peter Morphew is a practicing artist and qualified archivist. Morphew is presently exploring the University of Glasgow Archives Special Collections spaces and collections for creative content.

Jaleesa Wells and Peter Morphew