JOBS: Sponsorship & Fundraising Manager

Role Title: Sponsorship & Fundraising Manager

Role Description: You will have the opportunity to develop build new relationships with future sponsors while also designing our donor programme. We would like to enable our members and members of the public to support us directly with gifts to our organisation. There are a number of services we are developing that we would like to better communicate to our membership and members of the public that benefit artists.

Main tasks:

o    Execute and design a sponsorship strategy with the Festival Director incorporating direct input from the rest of the executive team;
o    Work with the Festival Director, Membership & Artist Liaison and Commercial Manager to set financial targets for sponsorship;
o    Liaise directly with our Advisory Board on sponsorship goals working with them to find future sponsors through their networks and contacts;
o    Build and manage relationships with our sponsors;
o    Deliver our sponsorship pack to future sponsors;
o    Meet with sponsors regularly and communicate with them updating them on our sponsorship agreements;
o    Act as the main point of contact for our sponsors during events and programmes.

o    Design our donor programme by setting up a system for donors to give gifts to our organisation;
o    Design a timeline for fundraising drives;
o    Work directly with the marketing team, our Commercial Development Manager and Membership/Artist Liaison to develop a donor & giving programme that will benefit our creatives and help us deliver on our social aims.

o   Attend executive team meetings and contribute to the overall strategic planning of organisation as a whole;
o  Report directly to the ESAF Director;
o  Take responsibility for overall management of organisational finances;
o  Agree to work in a team setting to maintain the organisation’s reputational, business viability and management;
o  Subscribe to the organisation’s key social values;
o  Act on behalf of the organisation and agree to be driven by the organisation’s wider values and do not act for the benefit of any individual.

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Application Deadline: 31 August 2016

To apply: 

If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you! Email your CV to with a short description of why you want to work with us and why you think you'd succeed at this executive role. Please don't forget to put your role title in the email subject line! Good luck.