beth carey

My practise is a continuous investigation which I explore the aesthetics of objects and materials. I apply a playful approach while investigating into their textures, colours, consistencies and perceptions. Although they are not and do not represent living creatures, they have consciousness within them.

Fionnuala Mottishaw

Mythology collides with carnival, resurrecting images released from the pages of museum catalogues. These diverse references come together to create anachronistic artefacts of a time that never quite was, part of a narrative tradition where the fantastical is never quite kept at bay.

Massimo is interested in the study of the material aspect of painting and its relation to the space. He generally works on a series to inspect and clarify the reason of his interest in certain materials, and to fully use the properties they have. In Veils, the fabric bends depending on the size of the paintings, and the quantity of paint on it. It starts to show a certain weight, and it reveals a sculptural physicality.

Massimo Stenta

Inspired by recreating wonder, Josef uses found materials and mixed media sculpture in his art making. The playful works act as an ephemeral conversation between the making and the audience

Josef Stitts

Meet Maren Victoria Thingnæs, and her documentary about her late father, the Norwegian jazz musician Frode Thingnæs. Maren wanted to know more about her father after he unexpectedly passed away in 2012. In 2014/2015, Maren went all around in Norway and had conversations with Frodes colleagues, and with help from the Norwegian Main Broadcaster NRK, she got access to the biggest television-archive in Norway. There she found a big range of archive material, and bit by bit, Maren got to know Frode in a new way. Through his musical career from the start, to its end.

Maren Victoria Thingnæs