JOBS: School of Creativity Programmer

Role Title: School of Creativity Programmer

Setting the Context for the Role: The creative development programme allows our creatives to share their ideas, experiences and tips with their peers. This is led by our creatives and is a medium for creative exchange. We are by no means ‘experts’ nor do we aim to develop this to be an accredited programme where we ‘teach’ others. We aim to ‘impart knowledge’ and share experiences while developing a programme for ‘informal training.’

Role Description: In this role, you are responsible for the Creative Development Programme and general workshop programme.

Main tasks:

o  Contacting our creative membership to invite them to run a creative development workshop;
o  Managing queries from our members and non-members to host creative development programme workshops;
o  Designing workshop series that compliment one another;
o  Choosing a venue for each workshop series;
o  Identifying creative partners that may want to host our programme or collaborate with us on our programme;
o  Pitching new concepts for the programme to the rest of the executive team for the benefit of our members;
o  Designing content and media with the marketing team to promote the school of creativity.

o  Work closely with the Head of Marketing and marketing team members to make sure marketing materials including Facebook banners, events poster are set up;
o  Work directly with the Digital Media Coordinator to make sure content is distributed in our newsletter and to the relevant creative collaborators, this may become the role of the content developer;
o  Liaise directly with marketing team and content developer to make sure website is up-to-date with event information;
o  Work closely with Press Officer to develop content for press releases for the pop up event and/or collaboration.

o Liaise directly with the Membership and Artist Liaison to provide opportunities for our creatives to take part in the workshops and workshop series where appropriate.

o  Designing and managing a database with key information on all of our workshop holders and their workshop themes;
o  Communicating with the creative workshop holders in order to inform them of the process for running a workshop; 
o  Providing workshop holders with the workshop checklist;
o  Giving workshop holders access to our ESAF general email account to interact with workshop attendees;
o  Managing the ESAF general email account so that multiple workshop holders can use it simultaneously;
o  Working closely with the marketing team to set up ticketing for each event and having access to ticketing platform in order to edit the event to reflect the event details;
o  Collect content from the workshop holder for their toolkit to be distributed to workshop attendees and added to the School of Creativity toolkit library.

(When necessary for particular venues)

oProcure and confirm a venue for the pop-up event;
o  Organise any necessary licensing with the support of the ESAF director for the event which may include a public entertainment license, stall market license or others;
o  Make sure we are compliant with health and safety regulations for each event;
o  Write and conduct risk assessments for each pop up event we run.

o  Meet with the workshop holder ahead of time to show them the space and make sure they have all of the materials they need for their workshops;
o  Design a timeline with key dates to complete tasks in the lead up to the workshop to share with the workshop holder and the Festival Director;
o  Work with the workshop holder to help them design a running order for the workshop; 
o  Provide training for the workshop holder on how to run a workshop with key information (authored by ESAF) on how to distribute materials safely, how to public speak, and how to manage the environment so that the wonderful is enjoyable for all attendees;
o  Meet with the workshop holder to run through the workshop to make sure the workshop holder is confident ahead of the workshop (when appropriate, often for first time workshop holders).

o  Keep a record of key numbers for the event such as footfall, ticket sales, the number of volunteers, and timing of the workshop;
o  After the workshop has finished, keep track of key data on the event;
o  Design and collect interactive feedback from workshop attendees for us to improve our next workshops and use later for impact report, annual reviews and as content for our website along with any social media;
o  Maintain communication with previous workshop attendees and help support them by encouraging them to become members of ESAF or by putting them in touch with creatives for continued support.

o  Be present for each workshop and/or allocate volunteers to assist you with each workshop;
o  Manage volunteers that are supporting and running the event;
o  Work with the Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer to manage any sponsors that are supporting the workshop series or individual workshops;
o  Refer to training and support section for how to manage relationship with workshop holders.

o  Each workshop holder will have a budget for materials and it is between you and the workshop holder to negotiate the size of their budget for their workshop. These material costs include printing for any toolkits, and any materials required for the workshop including any additional tech hire;
o  You will be responsible for your own budget and by agreeing to this role you will need to agree to be hold accountable for any misspending or mismanagement of your budget.

o  Work directly with the ESAF Director to apply for funding to support the school of creativity;
o  Work closely with the fundraising and sponsorship manager to identify key funding opportunities to support the school of creativity;
o  Help design content to help ask donors to support the school of creativity;
o  Help the director design a strategy for the school of creativity moving forward exploring different mediums for the programme, creative partners, venues and locations.

o  Attend executive team meetings and contribute to the overall strategic planning of organisation as a whole;
o  Report directly to the ESAF Director;
o  Take responsibility for overall management of organisational finances;
o Agree to work in a team setting to maintain the organisation’s reputational, business viability and management;
o  Subscribe to the organisation’s key social values;
o  Act on behalf of the organisation and agree to be driven by the organisation’s wider values and do not act for the benefit of any individual.

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Deadline: 31 August 2016

To apply:  If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you! Email your CV to with a short description of why you want to work with us and why you think you'd succeed at this executive role. Please don't forget to put your role title in the email subject line! Good luck.