master of none

Foxfinder (Master of None Presents) by Esaf Commitee

'Master of None presents Foxfinder, a dystopian mystery set in the North (not Scotland) where foxes are almost immortalised as treacherous beasts and yet, they are no where to be found. The lead William Bloor (Alexander Stutt), a young Foxfinder, arrives at a family farm to investigate its lack of yield. His demeanour, diction and overall appearance plays perfectly into the dramatic setting.

Set in the striking and atmospheric Bedlam Theatre this cast brings the story to life with a minimal but effective set. Clever uses of costume and sound effect bring the country to life in this eerie drama. The four-person cast deliver strong an impactful lines while at some points (Judith Covey) would get lost in the lack of originality of the lines written for her role.

A clever comment on government control, propaganda, and an economically scarce future.

There is quite a finish at the end which may have called for a content or trigger warning while some disturbing themes play throughout the piece. Overall, a well executed piece that leaves you with a feeling of unease hanging over your head for the rest of the evening.