Submarine (by Popcorn theatre) by Esaf Commitee

Joe Dunthorne prose immortalised through Richard Ayoade's adaptation of Submarine for the silver screen echoed through the black box theatre at the Space during Popcorn Production's performance Monday evening.

As a hardcore Submarine fan who has seen the film about 50 times and read the book, I could have easily walked into the performance with the 'been there, done that, bought the t-shirt' shirt on. I walked in ready to see a great performance of one of my favourite stories of all time. The lead Jonas Moore stole the show playing Oliver Tate with punchy, well-time and expertly delivered lines. Both Josh Hunter and Charlie Jones playing Lloyd Tate and Chips were in perfect character. While both Rachel Kelly (Jordana Bevan) and Catherine Prior (Jill Tate) warmed up to their roles a bit later in the show.

The set was inventive and authentic making great use of short film clips and flexible props including a convertible bed-set that held the floor during the fateful scene of Oliver invading the home of his mother's lover mystic Graham Purvis played by Tom Titherington. It was refreshing to see fresh talent deliver a cult favourite so well. Four stars to Submarine! Briana.


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