Blind Mirth by Esaf Commitee

Quick, witty and intelligent improv comedy, with sharp comic timing.

A fresh, bold and original improv comedy show by students from St Andrews University comes to the Edinburgh Fringe 2015.  Student Company, Blind Mirth are true comedic geniuses and immediately after filling our seats we were warmly welcomed by our witty MC for the night, Ed Fry.  Ed executed his craft with experience, swiftness and a genuine sense of comfort.  We were invited into the Blind Mirth’s living room with tea and biscuits and what was to follow had us splitting at the sides…

Improv comedy relies on several important factors the main one’s being spontaneity and comic timing.  Blind Mirth sailed through their show, as a well-oiled machine showing, the audience the ease at which they could employ both of these critical elements, even when recovering from some tame unoriginal audience suggestions.  In particular Matthew Knapp’s performance was a highlight, with his interchanging characters, that were achieved with finesse, to his excellently timed interjections.  Finding the right balance of long/short sketches and quick fire improv games the troupe fill an hour with simplicity and the audience are left feeling fulfilled.

Blind Mirth’s 2015 Fringe Improv Comedy show is a real mood lifter performed by talented and humble individuals each as hilarious as the next.