Newcastle Brown Male / by Esaf Commitee

A great show tackling real issues in todays society through the medium of Comedy.

Upon hearing about this show I have to say, I was nervous. This show had the potential to plummet with some very difficult topics to address, from feminism to racism, homophobia to terrorism.

Rahul Kohli's, "Newcastle Brown Male" was, however, suprising. Upon entering the gothic surroundings of Jeykl and Hyde the audience were greeted with a rum and coke, courtesy of Rahul. What proceeded i could never of imagined. His presence on stage was warm, welcoming and endearing. Tackling these hardcore issues that comedians often get wrong, very very wrong. Rahul, however, managed to engage his audience with a quick witted comentary of the world we now live in, more specifically our western world. From drawing on racial sterotypes and the connections to how our media is driven to our western attitudes and nightclub grinding.

Although Rahul sometimes faltered when he changed his topic or when he joked about his family, who were in the room, Rahul made it seem effortless as he picked up and carried on and we the audience didnt bat an eyelid because he had become our friend.

Rahul, a postgraduate student, was humble and had a lot to say about the current state of affairs in Britain today, hitting some difficult topics whilst being consistently hilarious.
A great new way of looking at the wrongs of the modern day establishment we call society.

4.5 Stars