DANIEL SINCLAIR / by Esaf Commitee

Our very own ESAF artists performing in the Laughing Horse Free Festival presented "Daniel Sinclair" . Walking into the free fringe venue you can see a very typical sight, a very subtle stage, a refreshing change in the Fringe this year as productions try to sell a show and its story by an elaborate and inconsequential set.

Pandorums’ first ever production seems to hit the spot fantastically finding the balance between the physical constraints of theatre making in the present day whilst still maintainimg meaning and subtext in their scenograpghy. Daniel Sinclair explores very delicate themes looking primarily at mental health, and its effect on strong friendships.  Pandorum’s Daniel Sinclair eloquently contributes to the mental health conversation happening today. Daniel Sinclair, alternating between actors Andrew Sim and William Coleman, has only one friend in his complicated and dispersed life, Esteneth, beautifully portrayed by Ashely Mcclean. We watch on in anticipation as Daniel begins to show the many different sides to his own personality and the inner struggle of Esteneth as she attempts to keep track of the ever changing Daniel.

This piece of original writing from a small group of recently graduated emerging theatre makers is a true testament to the quality of work our next generation of artists can offer. Balancing such a sensitive topic with comedy is a difficult task and usually doesn’t take much to broach into the offensive category. But Pandorum Theatre Company execute their performance with careful consideration and research, this is no half-hearted under researched production. This performance is a truthful representation and leaves an audience wonder whether Daniels world is imaginary, real or in fact a combination

ESAF artists, show this year’s fringe that the next generation have something real and meaningful to add.