Loud Poets / by Esaf Commitee

Loud Poets starts and I am sitting in the top right back corner of the theatre. We are in the basement of the cozy, refurbished Scottish Storytelling Centre - a cultural hub that is one of my favourite's in the city. Strobe lights and sound attack our ears as the evening starts with a warm welcome to a live band and a short video about 'why we write.'

The opening poems are light-hearted about geek love and an ode to Daleks for Doctor Who fans on their skin care regime of motor oil, Brillo pads and other metal unmentionables. The scene takes a slightly more serious turn as one poet delivers a poignant and powerful piece about his mother who has recently passed away and how his story remains unfinished.

Two highlights were a poem about a poet's job as a child entertainer. She is a clown and perfectly illustrates how her job brings others joy and has meaning but how she does not take the chance to explain how fulfilling her job is to a romantic interest. The ode to daleks poet returns with a brilliant piece on McDonald's and the cult of the double arches. Them, Agnes Torok returns to the stage with her YouTube sensational poem 'Worthless' and delivers the poem with might.

The Loud Poets dazzle us with beautifully written poetry about love and youth - why do we overthink things and see life simply as we're older? The same poet delivers a beautiful poem about how we are all brilliant people with aplomb. Loud Poets is sure to inspire, dazzle and provoke-thought.