Jekyll / by Esaf Commitee

We walk into the black box where Hypnotist Theatre's adaptation of 'Jekyll' is set to start in 2 minutes. Alt-J's Breezeblocks is playing in the background and the girl from the box office's remark that Jekyll is her favourite show of the Fringe is still echoing in my head. Three sheets sprayed with black spray paint read: 'Be Yourself', 'I Am What I Am', and 'Ms Hyde Told Me So'.

The lights dim and production starts like a game show. As a slightly futuristic character with an orangey-red jumpsuit on starts speaking. She asks us questions and asking us to repeat after her, picking on individual members of the audience. The scene changes and different characters with the same style make-up but contrasting blue and cool colours take the stage.

It becomes apparent that with the combination of physical theatre, repetitive phrases and dramatic music - this modern adaption of Jekyll would challenge us. It would not be for everyone. One couple walked out.

After spending a week watching La Page and listening to Max Richter, my expectations were very high. I can say this is the single most poignant, well delivered and beautifully acted pieces of theatre I have seen this Fringe. The adaption deals with happiness, fulfilment, well-being and self-help. It tacked our obsession with bettering ourselves head on and leaves you will a crippling message. 'I Am Who I Am. If you believe in yourself wholly and selfishly, what does that mean for others.

I most certainly would give this production 5 stars.