Join the performing arts team

The Performing Arts team will curate and organise the Festival performing arts programme and and will be responsible for the smooth running of the performances during the festival weeks in February. The team collectively will be responsible for communicating with and getting to know the needs and requirements of the performing arts creatives, setting up venue visits and allocating performance spaces to the participants. It is crucial for the team members to have an understanding or experience of event management and have excellent organisation skills.

Performing Arts Coordinator
Performing Arts Technician
Production Managers (2)
Stage Managers (2) / Assistant Managers (2)

Performing Arts Marketing Coordinator:
Performing Arts Administrator / Artist Liaison

Deadline: 15 October 2016


To apply:  If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you! Email your CV to with a short description of why you want to be part of our volunteer team and why you think you'd succeed at this role. Please don't forget to put your role title in the email subject line!* 

*If you believe you'd excel at multiple roles, please do mention what other role(s) you might want to partake in if your original application is unsuccessful. We are a volunteer run organisation, so if you would like to work with us and you are a good fit for another role, we will do our best to keep you on!'


Below you can find further information about what these roles entail:

Performing Arts Coordinator:

This role will oversee the organisation and running of the performing arts programme. Managing a team of stage managers, production managers, the PA marketing coordinator, PA administrator and working closely with the PA technician. You will be responsible for organising and delegating the logistics, day-to-day programming and liaising with contacts in venues to the relevant members of your team ensure the smooth running of the performing arts programme.

Performing Arts Technician:

We seek a technician with experience of either tech-ing performing art show, live music events or other events behind the scenes including conferences, workshops and talks. Knowledge and understanding of the technical materials, lighting and sound equipment, and working with Edinburgh based venues is crucial.

We work very closely with Edinburgh School of Lighting & Sound along with Staged for Life which train students on how to use lighting and sound for live events. Many of these technicians and stage managers are very skilled at what they do. Your role would be to coordinate these technicians, allocated them to venues and support them by sourcing any additional equipment they may need within the ESAF technical budget.

Production Managers (2):

What is says on the tin! You are responsible for supporting our creatives with the production of their pieces in the festival. Many of our creatives will not have production managers of their own, so amongst the two managers, you will be responsible for acting as production managers to the entirety of our shows in the ESAF programme. Advising our creatives and supporting them with any of their needs to put on a good production or live music show. You will liaise directly with the PA technician and other technicians within each venue to ensure the programme runs smoothly. Previous production manager experience required.

Stage Managers (2) / Assistant Managers (2):

You will be responsible for knowing the performing arts programme at your designated venue inside and out. Both of these roles work very closely with the techies and will have to have a clear understanding of the cues for each performing arts piece. This includes being responsible for props, managing transition times and the cast during the performances. Stage Managers should have previous experience in a performing arts environment. The Assistant managers do not necessarily need prior experience as they are there to help the stage managers, however they must be familiar with the programmed performances prior to the festival.

PERFORMING ARTS Marketing Coordinator:

In this role you will be responsible for working with the Performing Artists Liaison to gather information about the participants and their works, as well as with the Marketing team to ensure the performing arts programme is fully represented in the Festival marketing strategy.

PERFORMING ARTS Administrator / Artist Liaison:

This role will be responsible for communicating key messages to participating artists and organising key parts of the programming process including the performing artists’ welcome event and workshops, performing artist interviews, headshots for performing artists, coordinating tech rehearsals, collecting information regarding their tech, prop, and sound equipment requirements, keeping a record of when artists will perform in our programme, and sending key communications to artists via email for deadlines relating to dress rehearsals, equipment orders, meetings, interviews and any press/print deadlines for the festival programme or external bodies.