Join the OPERATIONS team

The Operations Team focuses largely on ensuring all technical and operational requirements for the festival are fulfilled in the Festival planning stage and during the Festival itself. The operations roles are crucial to the smooth running of the festival due to the complex nature of the event, which includes multiple exhibitions, performances and workshops. We are looking for individuals who may already have experience running events behind-the-scenes or have an understanding of the technical side of event management.



Festival Technician (Ops)
Box Office Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator

Deadline: 15 October 2016

To apply:  If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you! Email your CV to with a short description of why you want to work with us and why you think you'd succeed at this role. Please don't forget to put your role title in the email subject line!  

*If you believe you'd excel at multiple roles, please do mention what other role(s) you might want to partake in if your original application is unsuccessful. We are a volunteer run organisation, so if you would like to work with us and you are a good fit for another role, we will do our best to keep you on!'

Please see below for the individual role descriptions.

Festival technician (ops):

This role is responsible for overlooking all things technical throughout the planning of the festival as well as during it. The Festival Technician will be managing and working with the Performing Arts and Visual Arts technicians and Stage Managers/Assistants prior to and during the festival to ensure the technical members from all the teams understand and communicate their team's technical requirements to the Operations team. This role requires a motivated, organised and responsible individual with prior experience in a professional performance/events environment. 

Box office coordinator:

Have box office experience? In this role you will liaise with a chosen Box Office provider prior to the Festival to set up a ticketing system and launch sales in January. The festival is growing and therefore a responsible box office coordinator is crucial to ensure all sales can go smoothly. In addition you will monitor advance sales and manage all box office operations, work with Digital Media Coordinator to promote ticket sales and report back to Exec Team with sales reports prior to and after the festival. Previous box office experience or work with admin and sales is highly desired. 

volunteer Coordinator:

We would not be able to run this festival without our full time OR festival volunteers! While the organisational team comes together in Fall, we need require a responsible and organised individual with strong planning and management skills for the Volunteer Coordinator role. You will be responsible for the volunteer recruitment in advance of any ESAF events, the Festival Launch Party, and the festival itself. The role involves briefing and training volunteers prior to and managing them during the Festival. Main tasks include managing volunteer recruitment, creating rotas for volunteers to sign up for shifts and coordinating their attendance at the correct time slots and venues.