connie zhong / by Esaf Commitee

You’re interested in fashion and fashion illustration, tell me a bit more about what you are exhibiting at ESAF 2016?

I am going to hold my own design exhibition. Basically it’s womenswear fashion illustration but also it includes some abstract drawings.

What kind of style or look are you hoping to capture?

I mostly used to do wedding dresses and evening gowns but now I am designing more current urban styles. The style of my designs has changed a lot. The reason why I started design was because I quite liked wedding dresses. That was a starting point but in order to be a really good fashion designer you need to develop your skills in different areas.

Do you think it is hard to stand out in fashion?

Yeah I think everything is quite difficult when you start but I think the main point is to keep doing what you’re doing and believe in yourself. You have to find that unique thing that makes your designs different. You also have to put yourself in your customer's shoes and think how your designs meet their needs. Overall, I think if you just keep doing what you are doing then you will get there.

What’s you favourite part of the creative process?

I think it's working with different colours. I put colours in different formats and see what goes with what and I even enjoy colouring the designs. I also like photography I like my photos to have a really unique story to them.

What advice can you give someone who wants to pursue a creative idea?

I think it is important to persuade yourself first to do it and once you’ve decided you want to do it, just do it. For me, I was really lost in my second year at university because my major is economics but then I found out it was not really what I wanted to do my whole life. At that point I decided to change myself. I hadn’t formally learned how to draw before so I always love self teaching. I watched videos on YouTube and read some books and within one year my fashion illustration skills improved a lot. Once you've decided you want to do it, just do it!