esaf awards 2017

The ESAF awards framework was developed to recognise the artists that best reflect our festival.  It not only considers practice and concept, but also how our artists incorporate an appreciation of what the roles of art and the artist mean in the social and cultural contexts in the creative community.  Our awards therefore recognise those who help to shape the changing perceptions of art practice and celebrating what the future holds for creative industries. 

The ESAF 2017 awards will be presented to the three artists (solo or collective) that best reflect the 2017 awards theme ‘Voices of the future’.

If you are a creative taking part in this years festival you eligible for an award.  Artists are invited to nominate themselves and/or someone else they think are worthy.

There are three different awards this year:

  • Best Performance Artist Award,
  • Best Visual Artist Award,
  • Best Performing Artist Award.

ESAF 2017 Best Visual Artist

This category is more for visual artwork that can be exhibited and the artist would consider fits within the visual arts category.  It covers but is not limited to painting, photography, sculptured illustration.

ESAF 2017 Best Performing Artist

This award goes to an individual (or group) that covers music, dance, comedy, theatre, and musical theatre.

ESAF 2017 Best Performance Artist

This is a new category for performance arts, which includes spoken word, poetry and literary disciplines. This award covers cross-discipline art forms that do not traditionally fit into either the visual or performing arts category. Nominations for this category are left to the discretion of the artist(s)/nominator as to the fit of the work within the category.


February 19th awards are open for nominations.

February 30th deadline for nominations.

March 3rd winners announced at the closing party.

How to apply?

You will be asked to submit the artist/collectives’ name(s), the name of their piece(s), medium, venue and date and time of their performance (if applicable) via the typeform bellow: