Melpomeni Gaganeli

The theme is always our consciousness as adults and our urge to feel playful and childish.

Nicol Guerra

Human Memory is fragile. Neurons involved in memory storage and recalling, intertwine continuously with emotions. Emotion deeply affect neurons. This cause brain fog and can even provoke what is called Wet Cornea. As a result brain works slower. What we do is simply storing memory in a safe area, where it cannot be corrupted by psychological health, ageing or emotions. The information will remain objective.The result is a faster and more performative brain, thus a greater human being.

Helen Jarosz

The inspiration for this piece, and most of the work of Helen Jarosz, stems from HER fascination with the human mind and its many intricacies.

Cassandra's work explores the nature of dreams, intimacy, and the ambiguity of meaning and text. The work ranges from immersive sound, text, and mixed-media, and ultimately plays with the notion of objectivity and subjectivity.

Cassandra Langenskiöld

Since 2014 Patricia has been working in collaboration with astronomers and astrophysicists at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. Through this collaboration her practice had dived into a domestication of the astronomical sublime where nebulae become 'connected' to light switches, galaxies become unreadable maps, interstellar dust clouds become 'removable' and a park bench becomes a viewing platform for the approach of our nearest galaxy - Andromeda.

Patricia McCormack

Her work revolves around qualities of light. Clara is compelled by formations of natural and artificial light around us, and she creates work which explores these ideas.

Clara Rider