We are working with our creative partners this year for ESAF 2016 to bring you a series of enlightening and informative events that shed light on the art market and creative sector. Join us for talks and workshops this week from our artists and creative partners.

For more information please follow the links below.

Interactive skills development workshop (edinburgh napier university)

Friday 12 February 2016, 6pm - Scottish Storytelling Centre (Free)

Now that you are connected to ESAF, why not create objectives for you as an artist and make connections with others? In this session you will be encouraged to develop some personal & professional objectives, create a tool that help describes your passion/work, and practice the skills in a fun environment. This is your chance to start your ESAF experience with intention. 

Presenter: Stephanie Glube (Confident Futures, Edinburgh Napier University)


Sunday 14 February 2016, 11am - Summerhall Edinburgh (free)

ESAF have collaborated with ASCUS, a network of artists and scientists committed to the practice of collaboration, to throw a 'love' themed day of talks, workshops, performance, speed dating, a stall market, and a party into the night for this Valentine's Day at Summerhall. 

democratic regeneration

Tuesday 16 February 2016, 6-8pm - The Biscuit Factory (Free)

As part of ESAF 2016, The Biscuit Factory will be holding a symposium on the Democratisation of Our Urban Spaces which aims to engage multiple stakeholders in a discussion on how reclaiming, repurposing and/or rejuvenating derelict urban spaces can be a worthwhile starting point to urban (re-)development and fostering a stronger social community. Additionally, the symposium will examine not only the inherent challenges and paradoxes that lie at the heart of redeveloping degenerative urban spaces into democratised urban locales for the community, but also the role of and how creative communities are implicated in this process.

Presenter: Alan Forgie, Creative Director

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Auctioneers: Behind the Scences

Wednesday 17 February 2016, 6-8pm - Lyon & Turnbull (Free)

Come and take a look behind the scenes at Lyon & Turnbull, Scotland’s oldest auction house. See what it takes to be a specialist, gain an insight into how we handle and catalogue objects - from paintings to porcelain and books - and participate in a mini-auction, with monopoly money and prizes!

We hope to de-mystify the auction world and offer an opportunity to experience the buzz of a live auction, without the pressure to purchase.


Creative & corporate love: partnerships (creative edinburgh)

Wednesday 17 February 2016, 6:30-9pm - Anderson Strathern Events Space, 1 Rutland Court (10/7 GBP)

This CCLove is part of Edinburgh Student Arts Festival (ESAF), a festival celebrating the work of emerging artists and creatives in Edinburgh. The festival aims to bring together the creative community for a week by running a series of workshops, performance, talks, exhibitions and a stall market. The festival runs from the 12th through the 19th of February across seven venues in Edinburgh. For tickets please visit this link

Beyond Art School

Thursday 18 February 2016, 6-9pm - Edinburgh Printmakers (Free)

Edinburgh Printmakers, 23 Union Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LR

For tickets please book here

Are you worried about your next step after leaving art school? Edinburgh Printmakers’ 3-hour professional development event for students and graduates will provide advice about negotiating the tricky and often confusing period between graduation and building a sustainable art practice.

This event will consist of print demonstrations, tours, and talks by artists and staff, and will focus on the opportunities we can offer artists, not least to practise printmaking, but to access expertise and further training from our Master Printers. 

Membership of Edinburgh Printmakers enables artists to make use of facilities and equipment in our state of the art world famous print studio, and exhibit and sell work in our galleries and shop. Our community of over 400 artists gives new members access to an established network of professional artist printmakers, who work across mediums and who share a passion for print. This ready-made peer group offers valuable support to new artists leaving art education, offering a forum for support, guidance and collaboration.

Established in 1967 as the first open access print studio in Britain, Edinburgh Printmakers is an organisation dedicated to the practice of fine art printmaking. We are committed to providing high quality, low cost printmaking facilities for artists.

Edinburgh Printmakers is also the home of one of the UK’s leading contemporary art spaces with year round exhibitions and associated events that showcase the very best artwork from the world of contemporary art in print. We regularly commission, publish and exhibit new and exciting work by some of the most talented artists in Scotland.

My life in poetry with agnes torok

Thursday 18 February 2016, 6:30pm - Scottish Poetry Library (Free)

One of the extraordinary artists being featured in this year’s Edinburgh Student Arts Festival will be chosen to take part in this season’s My Life in Poetry event.  He or she will tell the story of their life through a selection of poems and in conversation with JL Williams.

cafe voices: How to tell the truth

Thursday 18 February 2016, 7pm-9pm - Scottish Storytelling Centre (5 GBP)

What is the greatest truth you have learnt so far? And what is its story? Do tell, remembering, the most important truths can sometimes be revealed through a lie... The Centre's monthly storytelling session, with an open floor section for storytellers to tell their own tales, all in the relaxed surroundings of the Storytelling Court. Hosted by Fiona Herbert, as part of the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival. To book tickets please visit the Scottish Storytelling website .