JOBS: Commercial Development Manager

Role Title: Commercial Development Manager

Role Description: This role will be central to the commercial development of the arts festival and will provide opportunities for our creatives as well as generate some income to support the organisation.

The Commercial Manager will work very closely with the Festival Director to develop the ESAF online shop, merchandise, boost festival ticket sales, boost event ticket sales and make ESAF membership opportunities attractive for members of the public as well as creatives. The online shop will be designed and built from scratch, so the commercial director will have an opportunity to design our shop from scratch. The Commercial Manager will also have opportunities to conduct market research and explore ways to engage with our creatives to support our own along with their commercial activity. There are opportunities here for ESAF to collaborate with its creatives through its commercial offer to give them an even bigger platform for their work and to collaborate with local business partners, organisations and creatives.

The Commercial Manager will have the opportunity to accompany the festival director to pitching competitions, business development workshop, networking opportunities with other social enterprises, and learn the ins and outs of running a social enterprise. This will enable the commercial manager to help ESAF remain competitive but focused on its not-for-profit social aims, while helping ESAF uniquely position itself to be financially and commercially sustainable.

The commercial manager will report directly to the ESAF director while working closely with the Membership & Artist Liaison and the Sponsorship Fundraising Manager.

Main Tasks:

o The CM will have autonomy to design ESAF’s commercial strategy, which they will pitch to the ESAF director and the rest of the team;
o  Working closely with the ESAF director, commercial activity including an online shop, commissions for artists and ESAF merchandise will be developed to drive forward revenue for the organisation to support its emerging creatives.

o  Rather than exclusively being in charge of a budget to be spent, the CM will be able to generate income for the festival to invest in our infrastructure and commercial offer;
o  Working closely with the ESAF director to manage these finances and look for opportunities, the CM will be responsible for helping ESAF generate income;
o  Need skills managing budgets, working with excel, management and annual accounts, and other invoice/payment software;
o  Designing systems to manage information regarding our sales and invoices for all of our commercial activity.

o  Work closely with the Head of Marketing and marketing team members to make sure marketing materials including Facebook banners, events poster are set up to advertise commercial offer and activities;
o  Work directly with the Digital Media Coordinator to make sure content is distributed in our newsletter and to the relevant creative collaborators, this may become the role of the content developer;
o  Liaise directly with marketing team and content developer to make sure website is up-to-date with online shop information;
o  Work closely with Press Officer to develop content for press releases for the launch of our online shop and any other commercial opportunities.

o  Managing the back-end of our online shop;
o  Responding to any customer service queries;
o  Managing the till to process payments for these events;
o  Exploring any payment software like iZettle that we may use to process payments;
o  Keeping stock of our merchandise, sales and any other necessary equipment;
o  Providing the necessary paperwork to our creatives for the sale of their work and/or any commissions of their work.

o  Training and informing our creatives of our policies related to commissioned work and sales of their work as a result of our exhibitions, events and shows;
o  Supporting and managing any volunteers for merchandise sales at events.

o  Attend executive team meetings and contribute to the overall strategic planning of organisation as a whole;
o  Report directly to the ESAF Director;
o  Take responsibility for overall management of organisational finances;
o  Agree to work in a team setting to maintain the organisation’s reputational, business viability and management;
o  Subscribe to the organisation’s key social values;
o  Act on behalf of the organisation and agree to be driven by the organisation’s wider values and do not act for the benefit of any individual.

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Deadline: 31 August 2016

To apply:  If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you! Email your CV to with a short description of why you want to work with us and why you think you'd succeed at this executive role. Please don't forget to put your role title in the email subject line! Good luck.