Collaborations & OpportunitieS

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Would you like to be in a head-to-head creative battle in front of a live audience? Yes… the live audience bit might sound scary – but don’t worry, we’ll give you some prep time in advance!

We’ll give two teams of creatives from different disciplines a theme to work with. Then you will compete against each other in a friendly challenge of creative consequences, collaborating to create a piece of work together. The evening will be split into Visual and Tangible creations, and as you go you will have the chance to demonstrate your unique creative process to the audience. Your produced work (in it’s rough form) will be passed on to another creative, perhaps a graphic designer, perhaps a textile artist. The outcome?  Two collaborative pieces of work created by different thinking creative minds and an entertained audience. This is not about picking a winner, it’s about seeing creative at work and learning from each other. Intrigued? Let us know.  

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