Meet the Team Monday - Adele Juraza by Esaf Commitee

It is Meet the team Monday!

This week introducing.....

Adele Juraža

In-House Designer

Riga, Latvia



I joined ESAF because it's a big opportunity to improve and also test your skills. I wanted to work in a team, collaborate with people and create something beautiful. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy but it was so worth it and I'm glad I had the chance to be a puzzle piece of the festival.



Everything that's artsy falls under this section, also I'm greatly passionate about doing laundry and I'm very good at it.



You've probably seen me strolling around in my red trousers at some point and that just says it all. Red is everything !!



I would love to go to back to my childhood friend's grandparents' cottage in the middle of nowhere in suburbs of Latvia where we spent so many hot summer days without a care in the world. I particularly remember the heavy old furniture, squeaky wooden floors and cherry trees. But I would have to travel back in time because it has to be exactly like I remember it.



Shrunken clothes, a hangover and getting attached. Let the order be a mystery.



In places where I would least expect it, and being barefoot helps too.



My big plan is to keep spreading the positivity and laughter wherever I go. I'll smile till the end of time because it kind of does make the world better.


Meet the Team Monday - Zoe King-Beck by Esaf Commitee

Welcome to meet the team Mondays!

Every Monday we will post some information about our fantastic team members so you can find out a bit more about them and what they do at ESAF.


This week, introducing……


Zoe King-BecK

Head of Marketing and Communications




I joined ESAF in September 2016. There were several reasons I wanted to join. One being that I wanted to gain more experience in marketing as well as in managing a team. Another being that I knew the amount of incredible talent there is in the city and wanted to get involved in any way I could. Finally, I wanted the opportunity to work with incredible people to create something amazing!



I have loads of interests. I love the visual arts. I have a foundation diploma in art and design, but I don’t really get to create things anymore which is sad. I do get to see all the amazing works that others create however and I love going to exhibitions and galleries.

I love the spotlight, I always have, so I love being on stage. Which I don’t get to do much anymore but I love it when I get the chance. Love a good sing along. My karaoke Song is Britney Spears, Toxic which I sing incredibly badly. But my favourite music to sing is Jazz. Who can resist a bit of Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday?

My special talent, which comes out as soon as a glass of wine does, is my absolutely appalling rapping.



PINK! I loooooove pink! That kind of sickly bubblegum barbie pink that you only ever liked when you were 3.



Aaaaah there are so many!

I have always really wanted to visit Egypt. I have always read a lot of Agatha Christie and I have now convinced that if I travel to Egypt I will meet Hercule Poirot on a trip down the Nile and we will solve a murder together.

I really want to go to Egypt for more comprehensible reasons but I think that is the one that really jumps out.



Heights, and disappointing people



I love being in a passenger seat. I can’t drive so when I’m going on a long journey, usually its the boyfriend or the parents driving, I can just drift into a state of contemplation. I don’t always come up with the best ideas but every now and again a golden nugget pops up.



I want to change the world through my smile. I don’t know if that is possible but I want to at least try. I always try to stay really positive and happy to try and make others motivated and happy too!

I also want to facilitate and co-create. I know that  I don’t have all the answers and the skills and I want to work with others to make the world a better place.

ESAF AWARDS by Esaf Commitee

Each year the ESAF team selects a theme and, at the end of the festival, three creatives (solo or collective) who embody and reflect our theme’s message are selected for our ESAF Awards!

The #ESAF2017 Award’s theme is….drum roll please…. ‘Voices of the Future.’

The ESAF Awards framework was set up as a way to recognise creatives that best reflect our festival. For all the movers and shakers that are reshaping the creative community, changing perceptions of art practice and engaging with what it means socially and culturally to be an artist, we are looking at you!

If you are a creative taking part in this years festival you are eligible for an award.  Artists are invited to nominate themselves and/or someone else they feel are worthy.

There are three different awards that will be presented this year:

Best Performance Artist Award: This award goes to an individual (or group) that covers music, dance, comedy, theatre, and musical theatre.

Best Visual Artist Award: This category is more for visual artwork that can be exhibited and the artist would consider fits within the visual arts category.  It covers but is not limited to painting, photography, sculptured illustration.

Best Performing Artist Award: This is a new category for performance arts, which includes spoken word, poetry and literary disciplines. This award covers cross-discipline art forms that do not traditionally fit into either the visual or performing arts category. Nominations for this category are left to the discretion of the artist(s)/nominator as to the fit of the work within the category.

Key Dates

February 19th awards are open for nominations.

February 30th deadline for nominations.

March 3rd winners announced at the closing party.

Looking to Apply?
You will be asked to submit the artist/collectives’ name(s), the name of their piece(s), medium, venue and date and time of their performance (if applicable) via the typeform below:   


Stay tuned to our blog for an exclusive look at last year's winners!

ESAF as a Social Enterprise by Esaf Commitee

Here at ESAF, we talk a lot about being a social enterprise — not least of all because we were recently recognised by Social Enterprise Scotland as the winner of its Inspiring Youth Enterprise Award and, in May 2016, we were listed as one of Scotland's top ten most socially innovative social enterprises.  

…This is all pretty cool…but what exactly is a social enterprise?

Simply put, it’s a business which works to help the community around them. All profits that they make are either reinvested in the business or donated to the particular cause to which they are devoted. It’s very likely you’ve bought something from, or at least come across, a social enterprise before — even if you’re not aware of it. Examples of social enterprises include the street newspaper the Big Issue, the chocolate brand Divine and the coffee suppliers Café Direct. Beyond having a good cause, social enterprises are also about good management, namely: honest and transparent business practices. A social enterprise can take any legal structure but must be asset locked and have no shareholders — in ESAF’s case, having no shareholders means that we have to reinvest our profits. 

Okay, so this is all really cool…but what exactly does ESAF do to qualify as a social enterprise? 

ESAF promotes creativity and opens opportunities for emerging creatives. We began as a social enterprise dedicated to giving creatives space to exhibit their work in public via our festival programme. From there, we evolved to provide a year-round membership which provides opportunities for networking, professional growth and support. Our members  perform or exhibit during the festival as well as attending development seminars and hosting workshops. Within ESAF they learn how to market themselves and develop the logistical and entrepreneurial skills demanded of creatives. By participating in the ESAF network emerging creatives can skill-share and meet like-minded individuals who offer advice and expertise. You don’t have to study something arts-related to benefit from what ESAF has to offer. We encourage and facilitate creativity at every level. Non-arts students and recent graduates from a non-arts background who are keen to pursue their creative interests still have access to our full programme and those who want to get into the arts but don’t know where to start can find plenty of advice and inspiration within the ESAF framework.

As well as having a direct impact upon programme members and exhibiting creatives, ESAF helps spread positive change throughout the Edinburgh community. In a city which is taken over every August by an immensely important cultural festival, it can feel as though students don’t have an opportunity to make their mark where they live. ESAF offers a chance to change this, to take ownership of Edinburgh and allow their creative work to feed into the city’s creative community.

Furthermore, all of the events within our festival are accessibly priced, helping to engage the public with culture as well as bridging the gap between student creatives and the public. In this way, professional relationships are able to grow at a grass-roots level and the public is exposed to new artists and performers with fresh ideas. 

Finally, by taking an interdisciplinary approach and encompassing a range of educational institutions, ESAF promotes cooperation. Each distinct branch of the arts is enriched and revitalised by its contact with other artistic disciplines and creatives from different institutions are influenced by one another in varied and unexpected ways. 

ESAF team at the Social Enterprise Scotland Awards. Photo courtesy of Social Enterprise Scotland

ESAF team at the Social Enterprise Scotland Awards.

Photo courtesy of Social Enterprise Scotland

BUNKER by Esaf Commitee

#ESAF2017 is well underway and as we draw closer and closer to the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, we knew it was time for us to kick off the festivities! On the 26th and 27th of November, our #ESAFBunker, a  creatives’ welcome event, was hosted at Edinburgh College of Art. This was a space for our Creatives to come together and get serious about their practice!

Photo by Anna Cervinkova

Photo by Anna Cervinkova

Cute nametags were made, tough questions asked, workshops were held and information was provided about the upcoming festival.

We had some amazing workshops that we held with some of our partners. Our creatives had an amazing selection to choose from ranging from a lighting and sound session, held by Staged For Live, to an Intellectual Property information session, given by Alan Page-Duffy from Pop Up! Scotland and many more.

We got some great feedback from our fantastic creatives and asked them some pretty tough questions including, ‘what vision do you have for your creative future?’ and ‘what questions do you have about your creative practice presently?’ To which we received some integral information about what creatives really need both now and in the future.

Photo by Anna Cervinkova

Photo by Anna Cervinkova

Our ESAF Bunker was held to give our participating creatives all the information they needed and a little bit more.#ESAFBunker gave Creatives a chance to meet one another, mingle with the ESAF team and acquire key information regarding the festival fundamentals. All of speakers were there to give all those in attendance a sense of what is still to come with ESAF and the 2017 festival. We hope all who came left as inspired and invigorated as we do.


It’s time to bunker down to business!


Photo by Christopher Buttigieg

Photo by Christopher Buttigieg