Giles Calder

The Togean Islands, situated in the Gulf of Tomini in Indonesia, are home to an astounding number of marine species. Conservationists are acutely aware of the recent and ongoing demise of reef systems such as the GBR but are encouraged by opportunities like that offered by Togean. The Coral Triangle presents a challenging, but exciting and viable, opportunity for preserving the Earth's richest and most diverse aquatic environment. This exhibition will focus on the fragility of the reef, and explore conflict between those who depend on the reef for sustenance, those who are working for its conservation and those who seek to exploit it, despite it's status as a national park.

Joe Cheetham

Uncrossing legs
In-between sock and trouser – unsightly flesh – mine just like yours
we won’t say
carnal is our desire

crossing Legs, 2016

Beth Cochrane

Interrobang is a new, Edinburgh based spoken word night with a slightly different flavour. Think democratic spoken word & music and meritocratic prizes, somewhere on the boundaries between question and exclamation and all the nuances in between.

Kathryn Cutler-MacKenzie’s work is feminist but does not have an agenda. It asks the viewer to look closer, to look differently and to look again. Her work often takes reference from popular culture, past and present, to retell political social and personal narratives through a contemporary lens. Most recently, she has been exploring the possibilities of colour, creating a series of colour studies on paper, one of which, ‘Jewelled at the Hinges’, has been translated into film.

Kathryn Cutler-MacKenzie

While steeped in its socio-political roots, the work of Perrine Davari-Asbabad comes from a deeply personal place. By studying current events through news, social media, documentaries and print, Davari chooses subjects and images that help her create scenes that bring people back to the reality of the world. Painting is her preferred medium.

Perrine Davari-Asbabad

Ross al Ghul is a composer and sound artist from New York and Tennessee. The Lotus Eaters is his first work - a collage of sound pieces, field samples, spoken word, and music that documents the complications of homecoming.

Ross Devlin

Holly Dickinson

Zsófia Forrás

Molly Kent’s work revolves around her program in regards to her speech and communication, and the effects tis has had on her up until this present moment. Currently Molly’s work represents phrases she has heard in response to the previously mentioned problems. She works with playful imagery and bright colours to create bold statements to leave a lasting impression on this who may view her work.

Molly Kent

Rosie Lawson is an artist who works mostly within the photographic medium. In her latest and ongoing series of portraits, 'Beach Series' 2016, Rosie photographs her peers in a transitional stage of their lives.

Rosie Lawson

sean mallon

Kirsty Mann is fascinated by the process of creating spaces with character, atmosphere and personalities of their own from pieces of paper. She enjoyed exploring the topic further by combining white paper with other 2D materials to create something completely new.

Kirsty Mann

Charlotte Maxwell works in film and photography projects, while traveling and volunteering with refugees and elderly. She is also developing an app for refugees which she hopes will be able to help those in need all over the world.

Charlotte Maxwell

Semhar McKnight was born in Nairobi, Kenya and has been moving around her entire life. The underlying anxiety that arises from existing in both traditional and Westernised society is largely reflective of her personal experience and has formed her creative interest in the stories and artwork of marginalised people.

Semhar McKnight

Maeve McPherson & Jane Mewis-McKerrow

Since being thrown together during a first year project at ECA, Maeve McPherson and Jane Mewis-McKerrow have become feminist kindred spirits and firm collaborators. Jane is a multimedia artist whose main interests are female reproductive rights and menstruation education. Maeve is a poet, musician and artist with a focus on self-portraiture and text based work.

Isotta Page’s work is concerned with material expression in space, using form, mass and structure to express concepts and ideas of political and social hegemony in contemporary life. She plays with status symbols and historical notions challenging herself to consider the role and relationship she has with art and that of her art with the wider world.

Isotta Page

Matthew Poland’s work aims to merge a relationship between himself and his femininity that has been repressed and kept out of sight. This notion of ‘’the other’’ comes about through performances and using different mediums as a way of creating a dialogue between himself and her, allowing this collaboration to be made visible.

Matthew Poland

Alexia Psaradeli is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. Her current subject is sleep and its relations with the city, as it has been inspired by her situation as a newcomer in Edinburgh.

alexia psaradeli

Maxime Ragni describes himself as a digital interactive designer and artist. He uses technology and graphics to blend digital elements into the physical world in order create interactive experiences in which users can engage and play with their environment.

Maxime Ragni

Laura Rodger plans all of her own photoshoots and has many more plans for the future. The colours in her music photography go a long way and would look beautiful showcased and show her passion (and the subject's). This month she focuses on skin - which I think is one of the most amazing things to photograph and I think the outcome of this project will be stunning.

Laura Rodger

Oana Roman

Ejatu Shaw is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer from London.

Ejatu Shaw

Softbox Collective consists of a group of fine art photographers, currently studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Through various photographic mediums, our collective strives to present a rich variety of content, exploring each artist's individual concerns and visual language. In this, they hope to represent upcoming contemporary voices in photography.

softbox collective

Anna Vesaluoma explores the two-way relationship between humans and nature, places and their layered histories, and how mythology and time frame our perception of the natural world.

Anna Vesaluoma