Be A Creative AT ESAF 2017!


So you have made it to our website! Thank you for considering joining us for next year's festival, ESAF 2017.

We do not expect you to be entirely sure what piece of work you will produce, perform, read, exhibit, or sell, but we do need to get a general idea from you or your group/collective/society/company, what you would like to showcase in the festival.

Once you fill out an application form through the link attached, you will receive a confirmation email of your application after the closing date for our call for creatives on the 31 October 2016.

Next Steps:

We are an open access festival, so we aim to accept all of the creatives that apply to our festival.

1. After you receive a confirmation email after the 31st of October, our team of curators, programmers and coordinators will be in touch within two weeks after the application process.

2. You will receive instructions regarding our creatives welcome event set to take place in mid-November, which will acquaint you with how the festival is structured and what your next steps are. At this event you will be asked to fill out a consent form.

We will also be running practical workshops to give you information on key things like marketing yourself, how to run a show, curate an exhibition, and other practicalities of being a creative. This is meant to be informative for you but also expose you to a number of other industry experts.

This will also give you an opportunity to meet other creatives taking part in the festival, to collaborate and share ideas with one other while also getting a chance to learn some useful tools.

We will also take your final registration payments for the festival at this event.

3. By the 1st December 2016 you will know what venue you have been allocated to and you will have access to the overall festival programme.

4. Logistics meeting and interview. A month before the festival starts in January, each team (visual arts, performing arts, programming for the stall market, workshops and talks) will set up an individual meeting with you or your group to confirm the logistics of your exhibition/performance/workshop/stall/or other event. We will let you know what support we can provide in terms of equipment, finances or space.

click here to apply. 

Things to Remember:

If you are interested, you are welcome to apply to take part in as many aspects of our festival as possible. 

We encourage student societies and other groups to apply!

If you apply to exhibit your work in the visual arts exhibition, you are also welcome to run a workshop, or sell your work in our stall market.

We are a volunteer-run social enterprise. Though we run our festival to a high standard, please treat all of the members of our team with respect and patience. They may be slow to respond to your needs.

This festival is also about collaborative spirit and we encourage you to take initiative, ask for help, and find solutions in a way that enables us to support everyone taking part in the festival fairly without any individual creative, collective/group/company/society expecting any special treatment